Even if it weren’t for the big sign in blue and yellow writing on the outside, you’d still have no problem recognizing this famous coffee bar due to the long queues you normally meet at its entrance. This is because Sant’ Eustachio il Caffe is known for serving the best cappuccino in Rome! Nested in Piazza Sant’ Eustacchio, where it gets its name from, this simple and original coffee bar holds the secret recipe for the tastier coffee in the Italian capital since 1938. Don’t let the queue put you off though – the service is quick and efficient and in no time you’ll find yourself enjoying the famous Grande cappuccino or a Gran café if you prefer, either standing on the bar with the locals, deciding which brew you’ll buy for home or, if you’re lucky, you’ll get one of the few, sought after tables on the street side and enjoy a sense of “dolce vita” , while gazing at the crowds passing by and the queues lining up at the entrance of the cafe.

The menu is full of specialties, apart from the cappuccino you can try the espresso, tiramisu, moretto, shakerato or if you’re feeling more romantic ask for a Romeo e Giulietta. All are of excellent quality and so is every small sweet delicacy you can accompany your cup with. Don’t forget to visit the store inside for their signature selection of coffee accessories, coffee packages and fantastic tiny chocolate covered coffee grains. They make a great gift for your coffee loving friends, or a tasteful souvenir to take home and remember Rome whenever you prepare your brew.
This café is situated between Piazza della Rotonda and Piazza Navona and if you approach it coming from Pantheon you will enjoy a wonderful view of the magnificent dome of Sant’ Ivo church.

Sant’Eustachio il Caffe: Piazza di Sant’Eustachio 82, Rome

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