Exploring Nafplio

A true gem among Greek historic cities

 Equally rich in history and attractions…With three fortresses dating from ancient to Venetian times and guarding the old city from both hillside and seaside…With neoclassical buildings showcasing the best of 19th century Greek architecture… Doted with interesting museums and historic churches and surrounded by crystal clear beaches and UNESCO World Heritage Sites…Featuring narrow alleys filled with monuments from the times of the Venetian and Turkish occupancy, pastel coloured houses and iron wrought balconies filled with flowers…With such picturesque and stunning characteristics, there’s no wonder that Nafplio has devoted fans and attracts tourists from all over the world.  

 According to Greek mythology, Nafplius, a fearless seafarer who was the son of Poseidon – God of the sea and Amymoni – one of Europe’s dαughters, chose a site naturally protected by a rocky cliff to found his kingdom: a city with a safe harbour, that marked the birth of ancient Nafplio. 

Best of Nafplio 

1. 10 reasons we love returning to Naflio

A list of top experiences in Nafplio – or “Anapli” as locals like calling their town -, which will eventually become the reasons you will want to return to the gorgeous ex capital city of Greece. (Click to read more)

2. Following the traces of history in Nafplio

 A walk around the old town of Nafplio,  with signs, reminders and traces of its rich historic heritage found literally around every corner, reveals its strong connections with the glorious Greek Revolution of 1821 and creates a true sense of a living past, that moves and owes everyone. ( Click to read more)

3. The unique historic churches of Nafplio that are worth visiting

Beautiful orthodox churches, scattered around the old town of Nafplio, stand as witnesses of the city’s past and narrate stories from various historic periods. Locating and visiting them is an experience both interesting and educating, that will reward you with attractive images and significant facts that played an important role in the evolution of the modern Greek state. (Click to read more)

Retro Latteria in Nafplio

Retro Latteria: Nafplio’s Crème de la Crème of light and flavoursome desserts

One stop you should definitely make when in Nafplio, is to the lovely Retro Latteria, for both its creamy desserts and an impressively big variety of light sweets and ice creams.

Traditional Turkish delights from Rizos Confectionery in Nafplio

 Nafplio surprises us with unique flavours of “loukoumi” traditional confections

Usually known as “Turkish delight”, loukoumi is just as popular all over Greece, but when in Nafplio, you will find out that there’s a small confectionary that goes beyond the expected, creating Turkish delights in both classic and unusual flavours.

Koustenis ice cream, Nafplio, Greece.

Koustenis, the name that represents authentic, homemade ice cream in Nafplio

Although you will find plenty of gelaterie in Nafplio, the name that has become synonymous with pure, traditional ice cream is that of the Koustenis family. Locals trust their freshly made ice cream, while visitors who try it for the first time, soon come back for another dose of sweet indulgence.

 Recently in Nafplio

As Nafplio is not only full of museums for all interests and monuments of various periods, visitors find that a daily trip to this picturesque city, is simply not enough. Luckily for them, there are numerous quality options for staying and dining, that will add extra charm and enjoyment to their journey. 

Ilion Hotel in Nafplio: Full of character and charm

Ilion Hotel in Nafplio: Full of character and charm

In accordance to the charming and serene atmosphere of the old town of Nafplio, Ilion is a boutique hotel with elegant rooms, each painted in a different color and decorated with antique furniture and al fresco paintings, which create a travel back in time feeling....

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