Exploring Rome

Dolce Vita, Dolce Roma!

The first espresso of the day is served at the bar bench accompanied by a mini corneto, heavy, wooden doors that open and close noisily at the narrow, medieval alleys that surround Navona still dimly lit as sun rays haven’t reached them yet, the merchants’ counters that are being set up in Campo dei Fiori, the campanile that successively start echoing, a slice of pizza bianca or pizza rustica from a traditional forno, the curved openness of Via Veneto, Fellini’s shots in black and white and Valentino’s passionate red, the glamorous showcases of Alta Moda and Fontana’s sound of splashing water, the eternal cappuccino and the endless list of gusti di gelato, baroque churches and palazzi of renaissance glory, Michelangelo’s fresco paintings and Bernini’s sculptures both a visual feast, bridges flooded by visitors and domes rising above roof tops, an aperitivo enjoyed at an elegant piazza and loud talks over a dish of hot carbonara, the famous seven hills full of ancient ruins, a late-night walk from Pantheon to Piazza Navona with the day’s last gelato in hand…thank God all of Dolce Vita’s cliché are still there!

“Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions and the city of yearning”, Giotto, the famous Florentine painter.

Rome Walk-throughs

1. A walk through the labyrinth alleys that surround Piazza Navona

Besides the ancient treasures, the countless works of art, the elegant renaissance palaces and the impressive baroque churches lays a city that enchants its visitors at every step they take and calls for them to get lost in its alleys and forever fall in love with its charms. (Click to read more)

2. Colors, fragrances and “la vita e bella” in Campo de’ Fiori!

The area of Campo de’ Fiori has been pulsing with life since the age of Rennaisance when it started growing, but its name dates back to the Middle Ages and it’s ought to the field the area once was. This flower field later became a horse market and eventually, the area was flooded by merchants and craftsmen of all trades and arts, which gave their names to the picturesque streets. ( Click to read more)

3. Exploring the splendid churches around Piazza della Rotonda

Renaissance facades, baroque luxury, illusionist frescos, priceless religious relics, and artistic treasures. The splendor and grandeur of roman churches have no equal. The ones who don’t have enough time to visit the amazing roman museums or are simply carried away by the hidden beauties of the city’s alleys and squares and don’t wish to miss a minute of that, don’t need to worry. By visiting some of Rome’s exquisite churches they can see some top works of famous artists, comparable to the ones found in the museums. (Click to read more)

Frigidarium: Indulge in their delicious ice cream!

Even though Frigidarium looks rather ordinary and humble in looks, there’s nothing ordinary or mediocre about their ice cream…It’s a heaven on earth for ice cream lovers like myself.


Giolitti: Surely, one of the best cafes in Rome

You can’t visit Italy without trying its exquisite coffee and you shouldn’t leave Rome without going to Giolitti. This wonderful café, full of genuine old fashioned elegance is nested in a narrow alley, right in the center of Campo Marzio, very close to Piazza della Rotonda and Piazza Colonna.

Gelateria Della Palma: You will be addicted to ice cream!

Every time I visit Rome and each day of my trip there, I simply cannot resist trying Della Palma’s delicious ice cream. In fact, I have a custom I ritually keep: the very first thing I eat in Rome on the first day of my trip is always a huge gelato cone from Della Palma!

Recently in Rome

As much as Rome is full of exquisite museums with artistic treasures, the city itself is an open museum and also hides countless beauties waiting to be discovered. Discover more in My Blog.

When in Rome…”Un caffè per favore!”

When in Rome…”Un caffè per favore!”

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Sicilians’ favourite sweet tastes take over Rome!

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