Exploring Corfu

The countess of the Ionian Sea…

Picturesque and original, romantic and cosmopolitan, with spreading melodies echoed by historic marching bands, unique beaches with crystal clear waters in lash bays whose greenery seems to touch the bright Ionian blue, olive groves and cypresses, charming villages, rich cultural heritage and world renowned personalities that are a significant part of Greek history.

The capstone of them all, the fairytale old town that is the island’s capital, with its alluring atmosphere and a strong Venetian character, underlined by imposing fortresses, monuments, museums and churches filled with artistic treasures, listed houses in pastel colours and a labyrinth of paved alleys, with laundries hanging above them and chiselled staircases, that invites you to get lost in it…
Come explore Corfu’s magical aura with me!

In Odyssey, one of his two major ancient Greek epic poems, Homer refers to Corfu as the island of Schería, a fertile land, with fruit and olive trees thriving all year round and Odysseus’ last stop before finally returning to his homeland in Ithaca. Phaeacians, the people who lived on the island were peaceful and hospitable, enjoying good food, singing and dancing, famous for their naval prowess and their remarkable ships. It was those ships that king Alkinoos disposed to Odysseus in order to sail back home.

Corfu: the charms of the old town 

1. Inside Campiello’s charming labyrinth, historic references are evident everywhere

Welcome to the most picturesque and romantic part of the old town of Corfu, a charming tangle of labyrinthine alleys and staircases, dead ends and arched passages and of course – as its name suggests – tiny squares. The oldest part of the town of Corfu has so many stories to reveal from the times of Venetian rule. ( Click to read more )

2. Old Town Hall square: The charming setting for a walk in Corfu’s Venetian past

With a rich history that puts it in the center of the social life of the Corfu’s Venetian era, this area is a favourite meeting point for locals who choose it for a night drink in an elegant and carefree ambiance, but also for tourists who love the authentic atmosphere and the allure of the old buildings and narrow lanes that surround the square. ( Click to read more )

3. Palace of St Michael and St George: History, grace and art in equal proportions

The history of the magnificent palace of St Michael and St George starts in early 18th century with Thomas Maitland, the 1st British High Commissioner in Corfu, who decided that the Old Fortress’ building where he lived, wasn’t imposing and large enough and so, requested a new residence to be built in the northern part of Esplanade square. ( Click to read more )

The artistic side of Corfu

The old town of Corfu is not just about strolling along the picturesque cobble stoned alleys, enjoying the grandeur of the elegant Liston or the unique Easter traditions that the island is famous for. Discover the artistic gems that are spread all around the old town and let yourself be immersed in its cultural wealth. 



Delicious traditional fruit confitures and marmalades in Naxion, Naxos.

Museum of Asian Art: A cultural journey to the Far East

A visit to this one-of-a-kind in Greece museum, will take on a journey to the Far East, through exhibits that showcase the rich culture and heritage of Asian civilisations, from Chinese to Indian with many other interesting stops in-between.

A delicious violet tart in Aktaion, Naxos.

Capodistrias museum: The simple house that tells the great story of a grand man

Situated in the area of Koukouritsa estate, this beautiful cottage that now houses an interesting museum, is a great opportunity to learn more about the great story of an important personality and at the same time explore a part of Corfiot and modern Greek history.

A delicious burger and sweet potato fries in The Diner Soho, London.

Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu: Meet the elite of Corfiot painters

The east wing of the imposing Palace of St Michael and St George, the former residence and dining rooms of the palace’s guards, is now the home of the beautiful paintings collections of the Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu.

Recently in Corfu

The charming island of Corfu offers such a plethora of diverse experiences, that visitors are spoiled with choice when it comes to how to spend their time. Here’s a selection of some of the best things to do,  see and taste…



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