With a huge reputation spreading widely from Nafplio town to Athens, Antica Gelateria di Roma is mostly known by its owner’s name. Indeed, signore Marcello is a dominant figure, always there with a smile on his face and always keen to talk about his new, award winning flavors. His ice cream is the definition of original gelato: so light but so full of flavour, so cold and refreshing but melting quickly – a sign that it doesn’t contain artificials.

The flavours are typically Italian varying from fruit sorbets to dark chocolate, hazelnut, tiramisu, zuppa inglese or cassata. Anything you choose is guaranteed to be fresh as the place is always crowded any time of day till late at night. The toppings are generous too and on the house, try the amazing whipped cream ( “panna” in Italian ) which is made by local milk and is even tastier than Italian! Mr Marcello will add a couple of biscuits and cherries on top to insure your ice cream delight is complete! Just make sure you remember his name as it’s certain you will return to his sweet heaven!

Info: 3 Pharmakopoulou & Komninou str, Nafplio

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