Exploring Naxos

The island of Portara and Kouros…

 The biggest Cycladic island has a big history and a big array of charms. Charms that are generously unfolded and easily discovered in the unexpected and diverse sceneries that characterise Naxos and contribute equally to its singular profile.
The tropical beaches with turquoise, transparent waters and the whitewashed alleys, the sea breeze and the golden sand dunes, the austere beauty of the Cycladic figurines and the grand scale of Portara gate overlooking the port, the vivid Aegean winds that excite kite surfers and the mountain villages among dense plantation, the blue horizon and the purple-gold sunsets, the Venetian castle and the rich gastronomy…
Come explore wonderful Naxos with me!

According to Greek mythology, Theseus with Ariadne and his fleet of Atheneans stopped at the port of Naxos on their way back to Athens, after killing Minotaur. Ariadne fell asleep on the shore and Theseus left her there. Dionysus, the god of wine who was in love with Ariadne, salvaged her and took her in his palace.

Naxos: the gorgeous villages 

1. Halki: An array of pastel colours

My lovely Halki! The dusty-pink house fronts. The bougainvillea that climb up to reach the iron cast balconies. The pebbled alleys that hide among leafy and shady gardens…Just 15km away from Naxos’ tropical coast line and in altitude of 280m, it’s easy to forget that you’re on a Cycladic island.  ( Click to read more )

2. Apollonas, the ancient port of marble shipments 

A surprise of archeological interest awaits you as you reach the village of Apollonas on the northern side of the island of Naxos: An unexpected meeting with the unfinished Kouros statue of the ancient Greek god Dionysus.  ( Click to read more )

3. Moutsouna: The village of the emery mine workers

The small, fishermen’s village with the important role in the island’s economy. That’s how Moutsouna is known. It’s also the seaport of the well-known village of Apeiranthos, in the eastern side of Naxos.   ( Click to read more )

My sweet Naxos

The island that celebrates top Greek gastronomy whenever the table is laid for dinner, couldn't be lacking of excellent sweet suggestions. In Chora, or Naxos town, these are the best 3 places where you can satisfy your appetite for a delicious dessert. 



Delicious traditional fruit confitures and marmalades in Naxion, Naxos.

Naxion: Where tradition meets taste!

Literally, as hop full of sweetness: from products on sale to the owner’s kindness! Naxion is a small shop in Naxos town, filled with traditional, sweet delights, where you’ll appreciate the importance of quality, locally sourced ingredients.

A delicious violet tart in Aktaion, Naxos.

Aktaion: State of the art sweet creations!

The most elegant sweet stop in the whole Naxos island is a boutique pastry shop that has evolved from a family run traditional café, to a modern patisserie with exquisite, artisanal desserts. 

A delicious burger and sweet potato fries in The Diner Soho, London.

Waffle House: Ice cream lovers head to Naxos!

As if Naxos wasn’t full enough of food delights, there comes the sweet temptation of Waffle House, known as the best place in Greece to indulge into a freshly baked waffle and as one of the best ice cream spots, with the biggest flavour range you could imagine.

Recently in Naxos

 The gorgeous island of Naxos stands out among Cycladic islands for its delicious local produce. It’s famous for its lamb’s meat, cheeses -with gruyere being the most popular among them- and potatoes which are considered the tastier in Greece. Luckily for visitors, there are numerous taverns where local products are celebrated and whose kitchens create gastronomic miracles. Here are some of the best…



Naxos’ favourite drink has its own signature bar

Naxos’ favourite drink has its own signature bar

Chic and elegant, with traditional routes and an UpToDate inspiration, with respect to the history of Vallindras distillery and a modern attitude towards the classic citrus liqueur, Kitron 1896 Cocktail Bar is the ideal choice in Naxos town, for those who love classic...

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