Exploring Aegina

The queen of Saronic Gulf…

A picturesque port, serene and lively at the same time, where colourful fishing boats are tied next to elegant yachts and catamarans that explore the Saronic Gulf. An equally serene and lively capital town, with scattered neoclassical houses and historic buildings, reminders of an era where the first capital of Greece was established here. And moreover, charming bays with friendly, clear waters, sandy beaches, old olive groves and pines that touch the sea, ancient temples and ruins, interesting museums, intellectuals’ houses, beautiful fish taverns with delicious seafood and a signature local product transformed into amazing delicacies of all kinds. Aegina is a revealing destination, come explore it with me!

According to Greek mythology, Aegina was a nymph and one of the twenty daughters of river Asopos. Zeus, the king of the ancient gods of Mount Olympus, fell in love with her, abducted the beautiful nymph and carried her to the island that today bears her name. The offspring of their union, Aiakos, was to become the first king of Aegina island.

Aegina: a trip to culture and history

1. The sanctuary, the temple and the museum of Aphaia

Ancient Aeginetans couldn’t have chosen a more impressive site for Aphaia’s worship. You realise this as you drive among pine forests, leaving the sandy beach of Agia Marina behind you and ascending the hill. Its peak was the special location that was selected for Aphaia’s first temple, one of the oldest stone, Doric buildings in Greece. ( Click to read more )

2. Discovering Aegina’s historic buildings

Although for most visitors Aegina is known as the closest to Athens island and the ideal getaway for a sunny weekend away from the big city, attracting yachtsmen, young couples and tourists alike, we must not forget that it’s also an island rich in history that stretches from ancient times to the era when Aegina’s town was the first capital of the free Greek state.
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3. The imposing ruins of the Temple of Apollo in Kolona and the Arhaelogical Museum of Aegina

As ships and sailing boats reach the vivid port of Aegina, with the elegant neoclassical houses streching behind the calm waters, the imposing ruins and a sole column of the ancient Temple of Apollo welcome the island’s visitors.  ( Click to read more )

Aegina’s gastronomic treasures

Being known all over Greece for its top quality pistachio produce, Aegina certainly knows how to celebrate its signature product, which is used in imaginative sweet and savoury dishes. Moreover, the whole island is full of wonderful fish taverns, where you can enjoy the catch of the day, along with a glass of ouzo or wine. 



Pistachio bruschette in Tortuga Art Cafe in Aegina.

Tortuga Art Cafe & Wine Bar: True Italian flair

There are some places that immediately distinguish from the rest and stand out for their atmosphere and their vibe. Places where you love to hang out, are welcoming any time of day, have an authentic style and make you feel relaxed and at ease.

The traditional coffee house – kafeneio - "Miras”, Aegina.

5 delicious spots for ouzo drinks and fresh fish in the port of Aegina

For both Greeks and visitors of their country, a visit to a Greek island is closely linked to dining on fresh fish and drinking ouzo.

A delicious burger and sweet potato fries in The Diner Soho, London.

My top picks for pistachio treats in Aegina!

Visiting Aegina without trying its signature product, the famous all over Greece Aegenitian pistachio, is inevitable. There’s no better or healthier snack than a bag of roasted pistachios and there’s not an image more characteristic of the island, than the loaded pistachio trees.

Recently in Aegina

 The picturesque island of Aegina is full of interesting sights and museums, while its capital city is known for its traditional architecture and neoclassical buildings. Here are some of the best suggestions to make your trip to Aegina a unique and rich experience…



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