As if we weren’t addicted enough in Pave’s divine gelato, here comes Pavè Break to serve the young Milanese crowds a top quality breakfast, with gourmet pastries and freshly baked sweet goodies or savoury snacks to accompany their excellent coffees.
With its locations and spots expanding in the area of Porta Romana, between Milan’s University and the oldest of the city’s ancient, imperial gates, Pavè happily welcomes to its halls all those who look for something more than a quick espresso on the counter’s bench and a small cornetto aside. Pavè Break in particular, aims to bring a delightful revolution in the concept of Milanese breakfast.
The exterior of this café follows the simple design of all Pavè spots, with black being the dominant colour, while the interior is a boho-retro mixture that immediately transmits a relaxing sense and makes you feel welcome and at easy. Credits on that should be acknowledged to the very polite staff too.

The main hall, with top to floor windows that allow you to gaze at passersby, is a simple space, filled with second hand and mismatched furniture, perfect for big or smaller groups of friends, who have time and appetite for a long, delicious breakfast and chat, or wish to indulge into a casual, everyday lunch of the freshest dishes. Since early morning, the long counter you see as you enter Pavè Break is always loaded with such baked delights that you find impossible to resist. Fluffy brioches and buttery croissants, creamy pastries, small desserts and the most delicious tarts are being prepared throughout the day and make the best assortment for Pavè’s excellent cappuccino or their tea selection.

Those who have tasted Pavès imaginative, unique gelato flavours, will know I’m not exaggerating when I’m describing their gourmet tarts. With some steady on the menu classic choices and others in delicious combinations and based on seasonal fruit, they are the piece de resistance that draws all the attention on the counter and what you should definitely try. A personal favourite that I totally recommend is the superb Tonka Tart, a fantastic combination of pistachio crumbs, raspberry jam and tonka-flavoured white chocolate mousse. And since Pave pays attention to seasonal ingredients, don’t miss in early autumn their Fig Tart, where a fig compote balances perfectly with a velvety mousse infused with fig leaves. More classic choices, just as delicious and worth trying, are both the Lemon and the Chocolate Tart and the tempting selection of sfogliatines, Berliners and rolls.

But the bakers and pâtissiers of Pavè have even more surprises for you as midday approaches. At lunchtime they serve a whole range of sandwiches, panini, salads and light meals, all part of a menu that depends on seasonality of raw materials. Those who wish to extend the Pavè experience to the evening with a traditional Milanese aperitivo, accompanied by freshly baked pizzas or savoury bites, should head to Pavè Milano, which stays open for longer hours during the weekend and welcomes everybody to its cheerful, relaxed environs.
You see, whether its breakfast, lunch, aperitivo or gelato, at Pavè they have succeeded the perfect balance between bold creativity, dedication to quality and an easy going, cool atmosphere.

Pavè Break: Via della Commenda 25,Milan

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