After having visited Rome 10 times and having read about Fatamorgana in so many articles on the internet, I thought it was about time to give their gelato a try. So I visited one of their many spots of this gelateria chain, the one in Via Laurina ,very close to Via del Corso. This place is so small and low-profile you can easily pass it by, so look for the huge ice cream cone outside the entrance and chose it for your refreshing break when strolling around the shopping area that expands from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza di Spagna. Even though portions were rather small, the flavours were as imaginative and as unique as I had read about: Pollicina, inspired by the fairy-tale of Thumbelina, is a fragrant mixture of Sorrento walnuts and violet and rose petals, while Estasi combines chocolate, coffee and toasted hazelnuts. Choccolato al tobacco, has many fans too, even though some may find odd mixing chocolate with tobacco! Another wonderfully surprising flavour –and one of their best sellers – is the combination of basil, walnuts and honey. So fresh the ingredients were, that I could see the tiny chopped basil leaves which left the most refreshing taste in my mouth! After all these wonderful tastes, I can’t wait to visit Fatamorgana again and try something equally impressive.

Fatamorgana: Via Laurina 10, Rome

“Inspired by the fairy-tale of Thumbelina, they make a fragrant mixture of Sorento walnuts and violet and rose petals… ”

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