ChoccolatiItaliani is probably the most well known gelato chain in Milan and there’s a good reason for that. With spots in the most central areas of the city ( the one just off Duomo being the most central and busy one ) and with a big variety of sweet temptations on offer, from ice cream to coffee and from chocolates to gelato based desserts, it’s no wonder that crowds queue patiently for one of their delicacies. Of course, most of them leave with an impressive gelato in hand, which comes in all classic flavours and with various toppings and extras.

For a purely indulgent experience, you can fill your cone with liquid chocolate from the non stop running taps, or even fill a small cone that will go on top of your gelato!

Of course, you pay extra for all these and anything else you may add, like whipped cream ( panna in Italian ) which is normally for free in Italian gelaterias. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that their gelato is always fresh and delicious, with natural ingredients. And besides the crowds and the long queues it’s always a pleasure being at Choccolatitaliani, either watching liquid chocolate running behind the windows as you wait, or watching the staff carefully stirring and whipping the ice cream again and again before serving it, to make it perfectly smooth and delicious.

Cioccolatitaliani: Via S. Raffaele 6, Milan

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