Ciacco is the kind of gelateria that can easily be foreseen even though it’s centrally located on a street full of attractive cafes, shops and hotels. That is because it’s a rather small and quiet place, without the colorful, eye-catching display of ice cream flavours you often see in touristic traps. In fact the only thing that might catch your eye in Ciacco is how quickly queues are being formed! That’s what happened during one of my trips in Milan, when on a winter Monday noon when I first visited Ciacco. The space is beautifully arranged with very few tables and stools and a big panel board where the available flavours are displayed.

Many of them are their own inspired combinations, like the intense Chocolate with spicy pepper and rum, the rich flavoured Strudel, the aromatic Lemon with basil, the light Ricotta cheese with blueberries or the refreshing Pineapple and rosemary. There are even different kinds of Zabajone, either with Marsala wine, rum or whiskey. With great difficulty I chose only 3 of them for my cup and sat at a quiet corner to enjoy my delicious, fresh gelato.

And then, the unexpected happened: from being the only customer, in just a short time people were coming and going non-stop! Tourists, Italians on a break, mothers with children…soon all available seats were full and a long queue extended outside the door! Totally justified as Ciacco offers great, genuine Italian gelato at unique flavours and at a very reasonable price.

Ciacco: Via Spadari 13, Milan

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