The success story of Casa Infante which has conquered the taste palette of not only Neapolitans but also demanding Milanese, proves that Naples is the force of Italian gastronomy not only when it comes to pizza, but also for high quality ice cream and desserts of dreamy taste.

Like with all beautiful stories, the one of the Infante family starts with love for tradition and passion for excellence. This way, the first generation based on a 19th century tradition created their famous taralli, a beloved savory snack that today is sold in a big variety of different flavours in the family’s Taralleria Napoletana, the second generation expanded the business to the dessert sector, where nowadays you can find some of the best sweet tastes of Naples, and finally the third generation has mastered the art of gelato making, creating classic, original and seasonal tastes that have devoted fans, like myself!

With more than 10 spots, the much loved pasticceria and gelateria chain has taken over Naples. All of their shops across the city are carefully decorated, following the same motif of bright, vivid colours and old black and white photos of happy clients enjoying their gelato. And they are the kind of pastry shop where you’ll want to eat everything…you go for an ice cream and you leave with one of their sweet specialties, you go for a classic Neapolitan rum soaked babà and you leave with a huge gelato cone…

Especially when It comes to gelato, flavours are plethoric like Naples itself, luscious, intense and truly delicious. Only carefully selected materials from known suppliers enter their workshops, leaving aside any artificial colors, flavours and additives. And when it comes to local produce, this is what gives the best gelati flavours, unique and unparalleled in taste. Fragrant lemons come from Sorrento, the fertile soil of Vesuvius gives the tastier apricots, figs are from Cilento, Falanghina wine used in some flavours is produced at Campi Flegrei, Amaretti biscuits are naturally from Saronno, while chestnuts and hazelnuts come from Piedmont, the area that gives the best nuts. My recommendation is to try the ones you won’t easily find elsewhere, like Cannolo, Babà with rum and chocolate, Noccioinfante, amazing Salted caramel, Aperol Spritz, Noccio Mandorlacchio, Nocciobiancolato with hazelnut cream and white chocolate, definitely the Crostata di fragoline – an aromatic cream with tiny, forest strawberries and the excellent Apricot, strictly during summer time.

Add on top as an extra their signature pistachio sauce, and you have a truly delicious and purely decadent delight, typically Neapolitan and genuinely Italian. As for the generous portions? Well, no words here…just a look at the pictures!

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