When it comes to Greek holidays, a picturesque island featuring gorgeous beaches, a traditional fishing port and a beautiful old town with breathtaking views, is a dream choice for most of us. And when it comes to summer, a delicious ice cream in our favourite flavour, or in another, unusual one, is always the best refreshing idea. Visitors of Poros, one of the loveliest islands of Argosaronikos Gulf, can be assured that in this destination, they will find and enjoy both. A picture-perfect, serene island and also quality choices that guarantee a memorable holiday. Ice cream lovers in particular, who find themselves in Poros, should definitely head to Grand Gelato ice cream parlour, where they will really find it difficult to choose among 80 tempting flavours offered everyday.
The secret behind this much loved gelateria, is a young man who loves quality ice cream and who, for the past 4 years, keeps bringing new ideas to his business, resulting the first place award of the portal Estiatoria.gr in 2020. The delicious ice cream of Grand Gelato comes from an artisan business based in Xylokastro town, where both classic and usual gelato flavours and refreshing sorbets are being prepared on a daily basis.

You will certainly find it difficult choosing among Apple Pie and Salted Caramel, Pavlova, Rose, Red velvet cake, Black forest, Rum and rasings, traditional Ekmek with mastic, Coffee crunch and Brazilian coffee just to name a few. If you manage to resist the rich flavour of Gianduja, Ferrero Rocher or Toblerone chocolate, you should try the lighter mango,fig, melon, mandarin and orange sorbets. If on the day of your visit Limoncello is available, then combine it with the amazing Chocolate-orange sorbet, as they make a perfect match.

Those you worry about their diet or avoid sugar, will not be disappointed either, as besides sugar free vanilla and chocolate, they will be thrilled to find that there’s sugar free Hazelnut, Almond and Pistachio. If on the other hand, you have a big appetite or you crave for something grander, you can order a freshly baked, buttery waffle, or try the crepes and pancakes, all served with ice cream of your choice and richly garnished. Biscuit crumbles, white, milk or bitter chocolate pearls, almond crunches and even variegato sauce in 3 different flavours are just a few of the delicious toppings you can choose for your dessert or your ice cream. And to make it more spectacular, you can have your ice cream in one of the extra special cones – partly dipped in chocolate and covered in chocolate shavings – and enjoy it while taking a night stroll across the yacht marina which spreads across the gelateria, a perfect way to end a day in the gorgeous capital town of Poros island.

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