As if the island of Naxos wasn’t full enough of culinary delights ( see local, renowned cheese, tasty meats and the best potatoes in Greece ), there comes the sweet temptation of Waffle House, known as the best place in Greece to indulge into a freshly baked waffle and as one of the best ice cream spots, with the biggest flavour range you could imagine.

Trust and follow the crowd that gathers in one of the town’s main pedestrian alleys, drown by the buttery smell of cones baked on spot, ready to be filled with one or more scoops of the unique and imaginative flavours that change not just daily, but actually many times during the day. Their signature ice cream flavour is the one that has their name, a combination of vanilla and caramel with waffle pieces, while others range from simple Pistachio and Milk chocolate to amazing, unique combinations.

Think of Peanut cookie toffee bar, a chocolate ice cream rich in homemade choco-peanut cookies and toffee bar pieces, Aegean sea salt, which combines traditional cream with sea salt blossom, bitter chocolate large pieces and salted pistachios or Italian cream wafer, where wafer pieces covered in white chocolate enrich along with homemade gianduia sauce a velvety vanilla ice cream. On a daily basis you’ll find at least 50 different, tempting flavours.

A personal favourite, the one I totally recommend and can never resist is Chocolate 3 islands, with mastic from Chios island, Naxian citrus and whole pistachios from the island of Aegina. If you feel daring enough try the Naxian cheesecake or even the Naxian gruyere with hints of the renowned local cheese combined with “pasteli” ( sesame-honey bar ) pieces.

For a truly decadent experience, sit in and combine your ice cream scoops with a freshly baked waffle, whose recipe has been evolving for the past 20 years! Only when you taste it, will you realise why this has become a trademark product for the whole of Naxos island.

Waffle House: Chora, Naxos

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