Very close to Duomo but very much different to it, you’ll find the beautiful church of San Satiro, dedicated to Satyrus, brother of St Ambrosius which is Milan’s patron saint. This gorgeous little gem can easily be missed among the traffic and noise of the city center.
It’s located just off Via Torino, one of the busiest commercial streets of Milan and yet it’s easy to pass it by. That would be a big mistake as the church with the Renaissance facade houses one of the first and most impressive illusionist works of art. The interior will leave you speechless with Bramante’s unbelievable trompe l΄ oeil.

Indeed, the leading Renaissance architect, who introduced this architectural style to Mialn, solved the problem of lack of space behind the altar with a brilliant plan: his “architectural painting” makes the altar’s depth look like 9,7m when in fact it’s only 0,97m! Therefore, the interior as seen from the entrance, obtains a whole new perspective and the building’s true dimensions are only realized when you approach really close to the altar sides. Move towards the end of the nave and you’ll be amazed with the excellent illusionist trick Bramante came up with, in order to preserve the medieval street behind the church.

In order to have a complete view of the church’s structure and the complicated architectural plan, make sure you go all the way around it and stand on Via Falcone. From there you can clearly notice both the lack of space problem and the contrast between the Renaissance facade, as well as the medieval back exterior and also the Romanesque brick bell tower. Do’t miss the chance for a short visit to this lovely church with the plain exterior and the impressive interior.

Info: Via Torino 17-19 , Milan

Info: Via Torino 17-19 , Milan

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