The elegant church of San Fedele stands right in the heart of Milan, just opposite the famous La Scala and next to the majestic Palazzo Marino, home of the city’s municipal administration. It’s the Jesuits’ church in Milan and offers a chance for a short artistic tour to its museum and crypt. Most of all, worth visiting is the lovely Dancers’ Chapel with its moving history: when the opera La Scala was built in the site of the former Church Santa Maria alla Scala, the painting of “Madonna del latte” was moved to the Church of San Fedele. Ever since, all famous ballerinas from the Opera house would go to San Fedele in order to pray in front of the painting before their premiers and so the chapel was named in honor of them. A beautiful detail is the silver casts of pointe shoes on the walls. Finally, the crypt houses an interesting exhibition of paintings, reliquaries and some pieces of ancient as well as contemporary art.

San Fedele: Piazza S. Fedele, 4, Milan

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