The world famous from the ‘60s Carnaby street is one of these places in London that are busy any time of the day, any day of the year. The pedestrian streets and alleys around it are full not only with shops, but also with restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars.

Ganton st couldn’t be any different and it’s here where you’ll find Mother Mash, a small canteen style eatery which brings you the staples of the British cuisine, like pies, mash and sausages. Despite the fact that some decades ago London was full of canteens serving these casual and satisfying popular dishes mainly to workers on their lunch break, these days only a few original places of this kind remain. Mother Mash recreates the atmosphere of these good, old days in a simple concept: you choose your preferred sausage or pie from the menu, combine it with mash of your choice, add the gravy you like and soon you have a huge plate in front of you, pilled with British comfort food!

Delicious sausages come in a big variety mainly of pork, but also of chicken and even vegan ones and pies are very tasty too, with all classic stuffings. I always have trouble choosing between the Boozy Banger sausage with pork, ale and aromatic herbs and the Prince of Wales with pork and red onion chutney. I recommend that you order two dishes, one with sausages and one with a pie, and add different kinds of mashed potatoes to each dish. Whichever gravy and mash you may choose -the Cheesy mustard is amazing- they will both be generously added to your dish. Desserts balance between British and American favourite flavors, which means puddings or sweet pies. I say, since you started with British food finish your meal in a purely British way and order a Sticky toffee pudding. The rich toffee sauce demands an extra vanilla ice cream scoop, which the friendly staff will gladly add to your dish.

Whether you choose to sit inside this small place, that is decorated with tiles and separated tables, or get one of the few outside tables under the colorful lights of Ganton st, Mother Mash is always ideal for a quick and hearty meal.

Mother Mash: 26 Ganton St, Soho, London

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