One of the most idyllic sceneries to dine in Naxos. Combine this with the most delicious, homemade dishes and you have one the best meal experiences in the whole island. Situated in Koronos, one of the prettiest mountainous villages of Naxos in 600m altitude which has been characterized a traditional settlement, this lovely tavern certainly makes the 30klm drive from Naxos town worth it. The village itself is a picturesque maze of white stone paved alleys, ached staircases that lead from one neighborhood to the other and simple, white houses. Among them, in the central neighborhood of Platsa, the tavern of Matina and Stavros seems like colour splash on bright Cycladic white: leafy plants and gorgeous flowers frame the yard and surround the tables that spread in many different levels, making each corner more beautiful than the next one. A big vine and a stone well spring complete the lovely scenery.

Fresh, cool water from this spring is the first thing that will arrive at your table along with a menu of daily and regular specialties. Owners Mrs. Matina and Mr. Stavros, are a married couple who bread their own animals, make their own cheeses and dairy products, grow their own vegetables and use eggs from their own hens. All these are the main ingredients and raw materials that get in the kitchen to create delicious dishes. Their meat is so tender, lamp, veal and pork, whether stewed or roasted will make lick your fingers. Naxian potatoes in their most tasty version. Salads with fresh and juicy vegetables and the most aromatic vinegar, made of their own wine.

My recommendation is to try the Naxian salad with “xinomitzithra” cheese, which is also produced by the family and by all means do not miss the platter of the local cheese variety, probably some of the best cheeses you’ll ever try! And when it comes to pies and vegetable stews, Mrs. Matina creates magical traditional delicacies. At the end of your meal, a sweet treat will arrive at your table and the smiley owner will probably come by to make sure you’ll leave satisfied.

This is the reason I mostly love this tavern, Mrs. Matina, not only for her homemade recipes but also for her generosity and genuinely warm smile, as big as her heart. She will wish you “good health and love” as she will wave goodbye and you’ll only hope to meet again soon.

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