If you love ice cream and you’re looking for the real thing, this little gem in the heart of always busy Covent Garden, will live up to your expectations every time you visit it. Serving mainly ice cream , it only brings you the freshest and most original tastes of Italy. And what an inspired name! Torino, the owners’ Italian home city and Gelato, the Italian word for ice cream, are combined to point the perfect spot in the center of London where you can taste not ice cream, but gelato which is lighter and more intense in taste. All main ingredients that define each flavour point straight to “mama Italia” and the taste leaves no doubt about that. The producing techniques are traditional and even the way they serve each scoop, stirring the ice cream again and again to make it perfectly smooth, is the same you’ll see in Italian gelaterie.
The environment is cozy, with light blue colors and the staff is always friendly. There are a few stools and a small, cozy sitting area in the back, surrounded by shelves loaded with tempting Italian delicacies. Notice the big ice cream making machine next to the counter and look at the board to be informed about the flavours that change according to seasonal ingredients. Don’t miss the chance to try the Italian classics, like Pistachio, Almond, Hazlnut, Gianduja and Amaretto. I totally recommend their signature flavors Breakfast in Turin, Bunet and Panettone – what could be more Italian than these three flavours on a cone! If you would like a different sweet taste, crepes and traditional pastry cakes are also available, preferably combined with an original Italian coffee. Ask for a stamp on the nine visits card every time you buy a gelato and the 10th one will be on the house. And if you think that’s too many ice creams, think again as not only Gelatorino’s ice cream is delicious, but the location also makes it a perfect stop whether you’re shopping in Covent Garden, walking around Seven Dials or heading to Theaterland!

Gelatorino: 2 Russell St, Covent Garden

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