It’s true that Milan being so full of amazing, temping shops can tire even the most dedicated fashion lover. The same goes for art lovers, as there are more than plenty sights and art collections one can admire. For those tired of walking the historic streets around Duomo, or seek for a quiet break from too much shopping and sightseeing, Baunilla – Pasticceria Creativa is an elegant, simple and uplifting, cozy café and dessert shop that offers a big variety of fresh and colorful sweets in an equally colorful space. The café is small, all dressed in shades of pink on both the walls and the tables, floral cushions and bright details.

The miniature or bigger sweets, mainly tarts, with mousse, cream, fruit and chocolate will immediately catch your attention and are the perfect way to accompany your cup of coffee or tea. Tea in particular is offered in a big variety of flavours, with one whole counter being dedicated to tea boxes that you can buy along with your sweets. I remember my first visit there when I tried one of their signature tarts, with raspberry and coconut, as pink as the walls around me and as sweet as that spring evening was and how I loved every bite of it! And with so many other sweet temptations to try, It’s no wonder I keep going back to Baunilla whenever i’m in Milan!

Info: Via Broletto 28, Milan

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