The most elegant sweet stop in the whole Naxos island is a boutique pastry shop that has evolved from a family run traditional café, to a modern patisserie with exquisite, artisanal desserts. Combining pastel shades of mint green with bright Cycladic white, the beautiful space welcomes sweet lovers who wish to indulge into a state of art looking dessert ( like the violet tart that combines vanilla, violet and raspberry flavours and looks so good you almost feel sorry eating it ) , a freshly baked waffle or an ice cream of unusual flavours. These include an intense Dark chocolate, Sesame spread, Violet and Sage-walnut-honey, all worth trying.

Their passion for experiment and unusual tastes is best reflected in the perfectly made macarons. In a colourful arrow and a big variety of flavours, they will surely capture your eyesight – I always choose one to atop my ice cream! In fact the macarons are the magnum opus in Aktaion, as not only was it the first pastry shop to introduce these special and elaborate sweets to Naxos island, but they have also won the 2nd place in the French Embassy’s macarons’ competition, with two unique flavours that capture the aromas of the Greek land: Anise with salt bloom and Olive oil with basil and bergamot. Other flavours that pay tribute to Aktaion’s Cycladic routes are Naxian thyme honey with bio lavender and Naxian Blackberry with chocolate and rum. Last but not least, the cakes loaded with fresh fruit, light cream or velvet chocolate are definitely seductive! For me, the banoffee tart is the top, most delicious and skillfully made I’ve ever tried! After you enjoy your dessert there, along with macarons don’t forget to buy a package of traditional “amygdalota”, a typical Cycladic sweet treat made of almond paste and sugar. Every fragrant bite will be bringing you the sweet memory of your Naxian holiday.

Aktaion: Sea front, Naxos town, Cyclades

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